Paul is an amateur photographer who was born in the north west of England; Stockport to be precise - when it was still part of Cheshire. His favourite photographic subjects are travel, documentary and landscape.  These galleries are a journey through Paul's photography showcasing the places he's visited and some of the people he's met along the way.

Hopefully, there's enough technical detail on the pages to satisfy those who want to know about such things but Paul believes that the photos should tell their own story.  If you have any questions, please use the "Contact" option. Paul will do his best to answer emails promptly.

Paul's passion for photography started when he reached his teens in 1974.  He uses a variety of cameras - and sees no reason why any photographer should limit themselves to film or digital - as both are perfectly valid media and have their strengths.  Many of the galleries are black and white but, where colour adds something, Paul has no problem shooting colour.  The only thing that really matters to Paul is producing the best end result possible.

Finally, a polite notice.  All the of the content on this website is copyrighted.  Nothing may be downloaded from the site and/or used for any purpose whatever without requesting and obtaining Paul's express permission, in writing, beforehand.  Thank you.