Lara Platman - Through the night....

Okay, so I'm a Leica fan and a Leica user.  I don't worship them, though because, for me, cameras are tools.  However, when I'm using 35mm, my go-to camera is my MP (the film one) or my digital "Q".  

As I work in London, I occasionally visit the Leica store in the City (part of the Royal Exchange buildings near the Bank of England). This Leica franchise is quite unusual as, in addition to selling Leica equipment, they also arrange talks and exhibitions in their gallery space by eminent Leica photographers.

A couple of months ago, I was invited to see an exhibition by Lara Platman. Lara's an extremely gifted, engaging and enthusiastic photographer and has produced several books.  That evening's exhibition was a celebration of her most recent publication "Through the night - the passion of motorsport".

Events in Spa, Monte Carlo, Le Mans and Nurburgring were the photographic subject matter of this exhibition and talk - but Lara's photos weren't the run-of-the-mill shots of cars racing past at high speed.  Lara managed to get behind the scenes and into the pit lanes, mechanics' areas and control rooms - and shot through the night when things get really interesting.  

Lara's book contains numerous, stunning, black and white photos and I highly recommend checking out her website:


Lara, mid chuckle, with some of her photos in the background

Lara, mid chuckle, with some of her photos in the background

Paul Jenkin